Erosion Control Programme




All Provinces


Implementation Staff





Period of Time

10/1997 until 08/2000


EUR 3.07 Million (DM 6.00 Million)

Project Description

The project comprised the development of erosion control procedures to protect roads constructed and maintained under the Rural Road Programme.

Based on a successfully implemented pilot project in one province, the erosion control programme was established countrywide, covering 21,500 km of road in every province of Zimbabwe.

The programme included 57 erosion control units carrying out specific erosion control activities.

Service Provided

The services provided under this project included the setting up of 57 erosion control units; Selection and training of staff to manage the units; Training of institution in the technical aspects of erosion control and administrative requirements to run the units; Development and improvement of appropriate erosion control methods; Preparation of detailed work programmes and budgets, and implementation of programmes. Monitoring and control of implemented work, including regular assessment and follow up of the effectiveness of the erosion control activities being carried out in the field.

Key Staff consisted of a team leader and an environmental engineer.