Feasibility and Design Study for the Construction of Water Ponds in Inhambane and Manica




Inhambane and Manica Provinces


Design and Planning Staff 5x




DFID (Afcap)

Period of Time

08/2012 – 05/2013


EUR 0.32 Million

Project Description

Objective of the project was to undertake research on using road works to enhance community water supplies on a larger scale in Mozambique.

Considering that many rural communities in Mozambique have poor access to water and experiences indicating that road works can be used to enhance community water supplies, a pilot project was set up to select suitable sites and design appropriate structures for water provision.

8 sites in 2 provinces were selected and detailed technical designs and specifications for each site were prepared along with draft tender documents and a participatory sociological survey.

Service Provided

Services included a survey of roads in 2 provinces to identify sites suitable for harvesting water, to calculate water requirements, design appropriate structures and assess the suitability for the respective local communities.

Key Staff comprised a project manager, a design engineer, a sociologist, a hydrologist and a surveyor.