Inhambane Road Construction and Maintenance Project, Phase 1 – Feasibility and Design




Inhambane Province


Design and Planning Staff 6x





Period of Time

05/2006 – 07/2007


EUR 0.29 Million

Project Description

The project was to establish design and other documentation for a rural road improvement and maintenance programme in Inhambane Province.

It included the following components: Detailed road design of 32 km surfaced roads; Detailed road design of appropriate pavement and drainage for 246 km of gravel roads; Identification of appropriate pavement materials in this region of poor soils – due to shortage of road construction materials a concept of blending locally available calcrete with sand was developed for use as wearing course; Location and design of road maintenance base camps; Preparation of international tender documentation and assistance of client in tender evaluation and award; Baseline survey and environment impact assessment – preparation of database and monitoring the project in terms of socio economic impact on local communities and the achievement of project goals and environmental effects.

Service Provided

Project management covered the preparation of project feasibility and design.

Special attention was paid to create an appropriate wearing course material due to lack of suitable road construction material in the province.

The key staff consisted of a team leader, a contract specialist, a design engineer, a pavement specialist, a materials engineer and a socio economist.