Inhambane Road Construction and Maintenance Project, Phase 3 – Establishment and Training of ABMS Maintenance




Inhambane Province


Implementation Staff, 5x





Period of Time

05/2011 until 06/2015


EUR 1.00 Million

Project Description

Installation of the ABMS (Area Based Maintenance System) to maintain rehabilitated roads.
The system is operational in maintenance areas served by centrally located base camps (built under phase 2 of the programme) using local contractors for carrying out specified maintenance activities according to planned work cycles. The project included the installation of the ABMS system focusing on training of client, maintenance consultant and contractor personnel.

This sustainable maintenance system was implemented on the project roads built under Phase 2 (construction component) of the programme.

Service Provided

Duties included the support of the client in planning and programming the ABMS maintenance works, budgeting, tender preparation and evaluation, works supervision, quality control, measurement and certification. It also covered the training of supervisors of the client and contractor’s staff training.

The consultant team consisted of a team leader, a maintenance engineer trainer, assistant maintenance engineer and two maintenance inspectors.