Rural Roads Programme




All Provinces


Implementation Staff 5x





Period of Time

06/1985 until 05/2001


EUR 109 Million (Euro 31.5 Million under Stange Consult)

Project Description

The countrywide Road Development Programme was running from 1985 – 2001 (1997 -2001 under Stange Consult) for the construction and rehabilitation of 21.500 km rural road. It included the following components: Study and selection of the rural road network; Survey, design and preparation of road construction programmes and tender documentation as well as supervision of construction of roads and structures.

A sustainable road maintenance system was developed and established in order to safeguard the investment in roads.

Service Provided

The services included developing road standards, classifications, reporting and payment procedures; Planning and programming of works; Road surveys to ascertain construction/rehabilitation requirements; Preparation of detailed BoQs; Cost estimates and work programmes as well as tender documentation and evaluation of tenders.Up to 50 individual projects were implemented concurrently countrywide together with the client. These services included full monitoring and control of construction activities through the existing District Development Fund (DDF) structure.

Services also covered the development and installation of a road maintenance system including awareness building through formal and on-the-job training.
Key Staff consisted of five managing engineers.