Rural Water Supply for District Development Fund (DDF) Maintenance Camps




All Provinces


Implementation Staff 2x




Government of Zimbabwe

Period of Time

03/1999 until 10/2000


EUR 0.85 Million (Z$ 1.40 Million)

Project Description

The project provided consultancy services to the DDF Water Division for the installation, operation and maintenance of 178 boreholes, 128 hand pumps and 50 solar pumps with the aim to improve the living conditions of all DDF staff in the 178 partly remote base camps.

These camps have been used to maintain 21,500km of rural road network and to provide accommodation and office facilities for about 900 staff members and their families.

The provision of water also helps the local communities in the vicinity of the camps.

Service Provided

The first task was to find the most suitable system for pumping water in the remote areas. Diesel, wind and solar systems were investigated. The solar-powered water pumping was found to be the most suitable method besides hand pumps. Later on, these pumps have been installed and the training of mechanics carried out. The supply with spare parts had been organized.

Supervision of the borehole drilling and construction of water tanks as well as procurement and installation of the pumps also formed part of the project.

The project was headed by two water engineers.