Sofala Road Construction and Maintenance Project




Sofala Province


Implementation Staff 3x





Period of Time

06/2004 – 04/2008


EUR 7.00 Million

Project Description

The project covered final design, preparation of contract documentation, supervision of the construction of the 634 km of roadwork and construction of 6 maintenance base camps.

Design and tender documents were prepared at the beginning of project. Construction works were carried out in accordance with FIDIC Conditions of Contract, SATCC Standard Specifications and ANE regulations.

This was followed by the installation of the Area Based Maintenance System (ABMS) to maintain the rehabilitated roads.

Service Provided

During construction phase: Project management was to ensure contractor’s compliance with specified works, time schedule and quality assurance; Control of material testing and measurement; Site instructions and assessment of claims; Organization of site meetings and liaising with the client on all project aspects as well as preparation of progress reports.

During maintenance phase: Duties included the support of the client in planning and programming of the ABMS maintenance works, budgeting, tender preparation and evaluation, works supervision, quality control, measurement and certification. It also covered the training of supervision personnel from the client and of contractor’s staff in implementation the ABMS maintenance works.

Key Staff consisted of a Team Leader, a Resident Construction Engineer and a Maintenances Engineer.